Meaning of X-ray fish in English:

X-ray fish


  • A small almost transparent freshwater fish with an opaque body cavity. Native to South America, it is popular in aquaria.

    Pristella maxillaris, family Characidae

    ‘In the wild, X-ray fish - Pristella maxillaris, originate from Brazil.’
    • ‘The pretty little X-Ray Fish, also called the Golden Pristella Tetra, is an excellent fish for the beginner.’
    • ‘U could be uakari (a type of monkey, pronounced wah-KAH-ree) urchin x-ray fish - common name prisella X-ray fish Old favourite of the aquarium world from the 1920's.’
    • ‘In the wild X-ray fish - Pristella maxillaris, originate from Brazil around the Amazon region. I prefer to obtain captive bred specimens as it helps maintain the wild stocks of fish in the region.’