Meaning of X-ray tube in English:

X-ray tube


  • A device for generating X-rays by accelerating electrons to high energies and causing them to strike a metal target from which the X-rays are emitted.

    ‘A designated spot on an artifact is subjected to high energy produced by an X-ray tube.’
    • ‘In an X-ray tube the beam of electrons is focused on a target of either tungsten or molybdenum which gives off X-rays.’
    • ‘An X-ray tube inside the machine rotates around your body and sends small doses of radiation through it at various angles.’
    • ‘The examination table advances at a constant rate through the scanner gantry, while the X-ray tube rotates continuously around the patient, tracing a spiral path through the patient.’
    • ‘All mammography must be performed with dedicated mammographic equipment capable of good compression, ideally phototimed and fitted with an X-ray tube appropriate to the imaging technique.’
    • ‘For all X-ray exposures, we used a Machlett OEG 60 X-ray tube with a beryllium window and a Spellman power supply operated at 30 kV and 15 mA to deliver a dose rate of 130 rad/sec of ‘soft’ X rays.’