Meaning of X chromosome in English:

X chromosome

Pronunciation /ˈɛks ˌkrəʊməsəʊm/

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  • (in humans and other mammals) a sex chromosome, two of which are normally present in female cells (designated XX) and only one in male cells (designated XY).

    Compare with Y chromosome

    ‘In most species males carry a single X chromosome and two autosomes, while females have two copies of both.’
    • ‘In contrast to the autosomes, recombination of the X chromosome occurs only in females.’
    • ‘The largest cluster of imprinted genes in humans is the X chromosome.’
    • ‘Remarkably, almost all of these traits map genetically to the X chromosome.’
    • ‘Analysis of males for most loci allowed these loci to be mapped to autosomes or the X chromosome.’