Meaning of xanthoma in English:


Pronunciation /zanˈθəʊmə/

nounplural noun xanthomas, plural noun xanthomata/zanˈθəʊmətə/

  • An irregular yellow patch or nodule on the skin, caused by deposition of lipids.

    ‘The plasma has a milky appearance, and xanthomata appear in the skin as bright yellow papules particularly at the elbows, knees, and buttocks.’
    • ‘Biopsy showed the papules to be eruptive xanthomas.’
    • ‘Elevated levels of cholesterol and bile pigments in the blood can cause gallstones, xanthomas, and high cholesterol.’
    • ‘The lower extremities and feet should be inspected for signs of chronic ischemia, infection, ulcerations, fissures, fungus or xanthomas.’
    • ‘These lipid-laden phagocytic cells tend to deposit within the skin and tendons, leading to xanthomas.’


Mid 19th century from Greek xanthos ‘yellow’ + -oma.