Meaning of xanthophyll in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzanθə(ʊ)fɪl/


mass nounBiochemistry
  • A yellow or brown carotenoid plant pigment which causes the autumn colours of leaves.

    ‘These are chlorophyll's shy cousins, the yellow pigment xanthophyll and the red-orange carotene.’
    • ‘Remove both chlorophyll and the yellow pigment xanthophyll and the variegation is white.’
    • ‘Concentrations of total carotenoids and total xanthophyll were greater for plants grown at low temperature.’
    • ‘There is now an extensive literature based on in vivo and in vitro studies that deal with mechanistic aspects of xanthophyll pigment-dependent photoprotection.’
    • ‘Retinal xanthophyll is a carotenoid, chemically related to vitamin A, whose absorption spectrum peaks at about 460 nm and ranges from 480 nm down to 390 nm.’


Mid 19th century from Greek xanthos ‘yellow’ + phullon ‘leaf’.