Meaning of Xenarthra in English:


Pronunciation /zɛˈnɑːθrə/

plural noun

  • An order of mammals that comprises the edentates.

    Also called Edentata

    ‘Let's turn to what is known about the anatomy of the feeding apparatus in Xenarthra and Pholidota.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, information on the condition of feeding apparatus muscles in ant-eating taxa outside the Xenarthra and Pholidota is incomplete.’
    • ‘Our results show the existence of four primary lineages of placental mammals: Xenarthra, Afrotheria, Laurasiatheria, and Euarchontoglires.’
    • ‘Other members of the Xenarthra may or may not also be included.’
    • ‘Particularly, we focused on the whole spectrum of mice actually used in biomedical research, on the Xenarthra and the Chiroptera.’


Modern Latin (plural), from xeno-‘strange’ + Greek arthron ‘joint’ (because of the peculiar accessory articulations in the vertebrae).