Meaning of xenarthran in English:


Pronunciation /zɛnˈɑːθrən/

noun & adjective


See Xenarthra

‘Aardvarks were once thought to be closely related to pangolins and xenarthrans.’
  • ‘They are by far the most diverse group of xenarthrans, with 20 species in 8 genera.’
  • ‘Several groups of xenarthrans successfully crossed the Central American land bridge to North America when it formed in the Pliocene; these included a number of kinds of ground sloths and armadillos.’
  • ‘For example, whereas the above-mentioned monographs on giant anteaters are quite complete and have been available for over 100 yr, little was known for other species of xenarthran anteaters.’
  • ‘Finally, though extensive character convergence is implied on both alternative trees, there are differences in character evolution scenarios depending on whether pholidotes are allied with xenarthrans or epitheres.’