Meaning of xenocrystic in English:


Pronunciation /zɛnə(ʊ)ˈkrɪstɪk/



See xenocryst

‘Many of the intrusions contain veins and irregular patches of xenocrystic hybrid rock and granite.’
  • ‘There is also a subpopulation of subrounded xenocrystic zircons, which are slightly more brown than euhedral grains.’
  • ‘These are interpreted as xenocrystic cores and are of a similar age to zircon analysed elsewhere in the Anatolide belt of western Turkey.’
  • ‘Care was taken to sample the middle of the largest intrusion, to avoid contamination by xenocrystic component from the surrounding host rocks.’
  • ‘The remaining analyses can be represented as a single population at 603 + / - 3 Ma, but this would be a population of xenocrystic cores within the magmatic grains.’