Meaning of xenogamous in English:




See xenogamy

‘This species is xenogamous and self-compatible.’
  • ‘Based upon similarities with other Lobelia species such as L. cardinalis and L. siphilitica it can be predicted that L. spicata is a xenogamous species.’
  • ‘The value of inbreeding depression, measured at the level of seed set as a result of autogamous crosses with respect to xenogamous crosses, was 0 • 019.’
  • ‘Tetratheca juncea's predominate breeding system in both populations is a xenogamous one as most fruits were produced when pollen from a different individual was used in the hand-pollination trials.’
  • ‘The pollination biology and flower visitors of Lobelia spicata, an herbaceous prairie perennial, were examined, and this species was found to be xenogamous, self-compatible, and gynodioecious.’