Meaning of xenogamy in English:


Pronunciation /zɪˈnɒɡəmi/


mass nounBotany
  • Fertilization of a flower by pollen from a flower on a genetically different plant.

    Compare with geitonogamy

    ‘Likewise, there was no difference between the xenogamy treatment and corresponding controls.’
    • ‘There are no available data on the breeding system of C. longii to gauge the predominance of autogamy or xenogamy, or seed production due to apomixis.’
    • ‘Both species use a mixed breeding system, consisting of xenogamy, geitonogamy, and autogamy; agamospermy is unimportant.’
    • ‘No differences were noted in pollen germination, pollen tube growth or fertilization between experimental tests of xenogamy and geitonogamy in S. mucugensis.’
    • ‘Treatment O was conducted to examine xenogamy through artificial pollination using pollen from flowers 5 m away, but within the same population.’