Meaning of xenogeneic in English:



  • Relating to or involving tissues or cells belonging to individuals of different species.

    Compare with allogeneic

    ‘The rejection of xenogeneic embryo implants involves a complicated immune and endocrine network.’
    • ‘However, the immunological barrier to xenogeneic grafts is substantially greater than the barrier to human grafts.’
    • ‘Both chronic VEGFR blockade and xenogeneic EC immunization in rats cause emphysema in rats without apparent damage to other organs.’
    • ‘Intraperitoneal injection of xenogeneic cells resulted in the development of an immune response as tested by ELISA.’
    • ‘Adult athymic rats did not develop emphysema as compared with adjuvant-only injected rats and did not show septal cell apoptosis following xenogeneic EC injection (data not shown).’



/ˌzɛnə(ʊ)dʒɪˈniːɪk/ /ˌzɛnə(ʊ)dʒɪˈneɪɪk/