Meaning of xenograft in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzɛnə(ʊ)ɡrɑːft/

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  • A tissue graft or organ transplant from a donor of a different species from the recipient.

    ‘The organ shortage meant a new look at the use of xenograft organs - from other species.’
    • ‘Traditional products, such as xenograft and allograft, are still widely used in burn care.’
    • ‘Concern has centered on the risk of introducing novel pathogens derived from animals into human recipients of xenografts.’
    • ‘The H-MESO1 xenografts used in these studies were grown s.c. in a mouse host, and some necrosis was evident as the tumors grew.’
    • ‘The project licence specified that the xenograft would be placed in the right knee of the recipient animal: in some cases it was placed in the left knee instead.’
    • ‘Of the six kidney xenografts performed that year, all six suffered cellular rejection within the first 60 days.’
    • ‘Complement-mediated rejection of nerve cell xenografts presents an important obstacle to effectively replacing damaged cells in the central nervous system.’
    • ‘Attempts at ovarian tissue autograft or xenograft without blood vessel anastamoses in animal models and human cases have been promising but hampered by large follicle loss due to ischemia.’
    • ‘However, we were able to examine the transport of the anti-hSC Fv-based fusion proteins from the circulation to the lumenal surface of human epithelia in tracheal xenografts.’
    • ‘Another small preclinical study demonstrated improved tumor response for human rectal-carcinoma xenografts treated with PDT under hyperbaric oxygen.’
    • ‘In this report, we show that such targeted agents are transported across respiratory epithelia lining human tracheal xenografts, and its transcytosis paralleled expression of hpIgR.’
    • ‘Examples of a temporary covering are cadaveric allograft from an unrelated donor, xenograft (such as pigskin), synthetic products, and cultured epithelial autograft.’
    • ‘In terms of the biology of the tissue, more vascularized organs, xenografts (non-species specific), and non-pretreated fresh grafts all lead to a severe host response.’
    • ‘In 1982 I did an interview with Robyn for the Science Show on transplantation, and somewhere in that long interview I made a comment about possible use of monkey tissue perhaps one day and this is now big news in terms of xenografts.’
    • ‘The unit will also focus on research related to biodegradable stents, focus on cryopreservation of cardiac homografts, xenografts and decellularisation of tissue and autograft engineering, the release added.’
    • ‘As reported previously, tracheal xenografts were established in nude mice by subcutaneously inserting denuded rat trachal matrix repopulated with human respiratory epithelium isolated from cadaveric airways.’
    • ‘Intratumoral injected methylene blue plus red light illumination was also effective against human colon tumor xenografts, with destruction of 75% of tumors after a single treatment.’
    • ‘In 1992 Pfeifer and others found that a factor could be identified in xenografts from G. cydonium that cross-reacted immunologically with an antibody raised against a mammalian tumor necrosis factor.’
    • ‘DeWitte and colleagues also recently demonstrated that HYP is a photoactive anticancer agent in A431 skin tumor cell xenografts, and basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma in patients.’