Meaning of xenologist in English:



See xenology

‘Primatology has heaped up examples of how similar to humans Apes are, to the extent that it seems unlikely now that a xenologist from Rigel 5 could differentiate a human from a chimpanzee.’
  • ‘The original Zarkov seems to be a german scientist, a xenologist, from the 23rd. century.’
  • ‘The first is human, a repressed xenologist named A. A. Zivancevic; the other is Shar, a member of the Laeske species.’
  • ‘Val Endrada is a xenologist living on the advanced planet Capella.’
  • ‘It is believed by some xenologists that Jawas have human origins.’
  • ‘I am also getting the feeling that the Terran Commonwealth has never met ANY aliens in its expansion, otherwise there'd probably be a huge committee of xenologists already on the scene.’