Meaning of xenotransplantation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌzɛnə(ʊ)transplɑːnˈteɪʃn/

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mass noun
  • The process of grafting or transplanting organs or tissues between members of different species.

    ‘This distinguishes them from the various organs used for xenotransplantation.’
    • ‘There are also fears that the process of xenotransplantation may transmit dangerous viruses to humans.’
    • ‘Pigs are the preferred species for xenotransplantation on scientific, practical and ethical grounds.’
    • ‘It's known as xenotransplantation - transplanting cells or organs from one species into another.’
    • ‘Welin S. Starting clinical trials of xenotransplantation - reflections on the ethics of the early phase.’
    • ‘Research on porcine cells, tissues, and organs in xenotransplantation should continue if certain conditions are met.’
    • ‘The second factor which supports xenotransplantation is that these animal organs may be less susceptible to certain human infections.’
    • ‘This reaction has been a major obstacle for xenotransplantation, as has the ethical dilemma associated with cross species transplantation.’
    • ‘After studies had shown no passage of this organism to humans, regulatory bodies gave a careful blessing to the development of xenotransplantation.’
    • ‘This also increases the chance that organs can be grown in one species using stem cells from another species in order to then be able to do xenotransplantation back to the species from which the stem cells were taken.’
    • ‘This series of profoundly unsuccessful experiments has not enhanced the credibility of xenotransplantation as a viable medical treatment.’
    • ‘The Department of Health has also been examining the ethics and practicalities of xenotransplantation - transplanting animal organs such as those from pigs, into humans.’
    • ‘Of course, the defendants' right to freedom of expression is an element in their democratic right to campaign for the abolition of all animal xenotransplantation or other experimentation.’
    • ‘PPL said pigs were the preferred species for xenotransplantation - the transfer of cells or organs from one species to another - on both scientific and ethical grounds.’
    • ‘However, xenotransplantation may become a viable option if obstacles such as complement-mediated graft rejection and the introduction of unusual infections can be overcome.’
    • ‘In January, a National Health and Medical Research Council group examining xenotransplantation urged that approval be given for trials of animal to human organ transplantation.’
    • ‘Despite these complex and largely unforeseeable cans of worms opened every time an organ is transplanted from one species to another, the scientists won't leave xenotransplantation alone.’
    • ‘The biggest challenge in xenotransplantation is overcoming the aggressive response of the human body's immune system to the foreign tissue when antibodies attach to sugar molecules on the surface of the pig organ cells.’
    • ‘It is potentially a useful technology to develop new lines of pigs for xenotransplantation.’
    • ‘Supporters of the use of animal organs in medicine, known as xenotransplantation, believe the technique could solve the desperate shortage of transplant organs and help thousands of people currently languishing on waiting lists.’