Meaning of xerophytic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌzɪərə(ʊ)ˈfɪtɪk/



See xerophyte

‘Haloxylon persicum is a stem-succulent xerophytic shrub, which only occurs in non-saline sandy deserts.’
  • ‘A collection of cacti xerophytic plants - over 800 specimens - is exhibited in the nearby cactus house.’
  • ‘Exodermis with Casparian bands was found in roots of hydrophytic, mesophytic and xerophytic species and in members of primitive as well as advanced families.’
  • ‘Particular attention was given to the spatial distribution of genetic variation, which could support the existence of a reservoir of genetic diversity for xerophytic vegetation in northwestern Venezuela.’
  • ‘Mean annual temperature is 20 • 8°C with a seasonal variation of 16 • 2°C, and a mean daily range of 20°C. Vegetation consists of xerophytic scrub or Chihuahuan Desert scrub.’