Meaning of xylem in English:


Pronunciation /ˈzʌɪləm/


mass nounBotany
  • The vascular tissue in plants which conducts water and dissolved nutrients upwards from the root and also helps to form the woody element in the stem.

    Compare with phloem

    ‘Generally, a high recycling from xylem to phloem was observed in the old parts of the shoot.’
    • ‘The conducting tissues within the vascular bundles are the xylem and phloem.’
    • ‘The estimation of the water uptake and water flow in xylem and phloem was outlined by Jiang et al..’
    • ‘In multicellular plants fluxes to and from roots via xylem and phloem further complicate the situation.’
    • ‘Stained cells corresponding to immature xylem were detected in vascular bundles of flowers and fruits.’


Late 19th century from Greek xulon ‘wood’ + the passive suffix -ēma.