Meaning of xylographic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌzʌɪləˈɡrafɪk/



See xylography

‘In fact, the maps are made with the xylographic method, but have the esthetic fineness of a copperplate engraving, needed to draw the tiny details found in a geographic map.’
  • ‘Overleaf is the image of Saint Chistopher and at the end an image of Christ on the cross, both xylographic.’
  • ‘No complete set of either of the xylographic editions seems to have survived the Cultural Revolution, although single volumes still exist in Tibet.’
  • ‘In order to do a xylographic engraving you need to have a block of wood and the necessary tools: gouges and burins.’
  • ‘Ancillary coverage is given to the editorial techniques used in preparing the Buddhist xylographic canons.’