Meaning of xylophonic in English:


Pronunciation /zʌɪləˈfɒnɪk/


See xylophone

‘A thick gush of guitar and xylophonic pluck, the vocals are pushed up front for the first time.’
  • ‘First the xylophonic tinkering, then the thunderous drums, instantly knock you out.’
  • ‘In the drain, hidden by foliage, ducks clacked a quacky, xylophonic tune.’
  • ‘The version of Dropshadow's ‘Disease Fototienda’ is suffused with xylophonic scales, bent mandolins, military snares and sparkling orchestral pop, and bound with Velcro.’
  • ‘A war of words, clash of syllables, xylophonic weapons drawn, engagement thence decided, arrows slung, striped with ‘shan't’ and ‘whilst.’’