Meaning of xylophonist in English:



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‘This biopic about a legendary Thai xylophonist's beautifully shot, but that's about all that can be legitimately praised.’
  • ‘In a real players' tour-de-force, this multi-faceted and instrumental band allows all of its members - from guitarist to xylophonists - to contribute to the genial groove going on.’
  • ‘Marimba players, xylophonists and other percussionists will be spotlighted as soloists on Handel's ‘Concerto No.5 in F.’’
  • ‘They used one of his numbers to open last year called ‘Blue Midnight’ and featured their excellent xylophonist as soloist before rounding things off with ‘Shine As the Light’’
  • ‘Everybody who knows anything about xylophone knows you are not only the greatest living xylophonist, but also the greatest xylophonist who has ever lived.’
  • ‘As a preamble to the actual event, the high school band performed some weird xylophone compositions, which featured a bunch of kids playing cymbals and drums… the xylophonists were great!’
  • ‘The range of music is staggering: whistling soloists, xylophonists playing polkas, John Philip Sousa leading his band through famous marches.’
  • ‘According to our research, the instrument was probably manned by a Paul Thardo, who was the xylophonist with the Harley Sadler troupe.’
  • ‘From 1917 to 1919 he was a drummer and xylophonist with Earl Fuller's Rector Novelty Orchestra and recorded and performed on Broadway.’
  • ‘The entertainment is firmly in the hands, or mallets of master xylophonist Ian who leads the orchestra.’
  • ‘In fact, for the first hour or so I was wondering why the xylophonist wasn't in Arcade Fire.’
  • ‘One of the most widely known of the xylophonists in the 1920's was George Hamilton Green.’
  • ‘The serious xylophonist will find this work to be challenging, rewarding and a crowd pleaser.’
  • ‘Gordon Stout affirms that, ‘Sammy Herman is one of the greatest xylophonists in our history.’’
  • ‘During the funeral ritual, every phrase the xylophonist plays has literal meaning in the Dagara language.’
  • ‘In these and other small group contexts, the xylophonist recorded many memorable performances.’
  • ‘In a jazz band, the xylophonist nearly always gets to play a solo.’
  • ‘Steve Reich's ‘Drumming, Part Three’ is for four xylophonists who begin with a tightly interlocking pattern and then gradually go out of phase with each other.’
  • ‘In the studio control room, Composer Gillis watched the struggling xylophonist, whispered to a companion: ‘Poor guy.’’
  • ‘I think the xylophonist was Zombie Chernenko.’



/zʌɪˈlɒfənɪst/ /ˈzʌɪləfəʊnɪst/