Meaning of Y2K in English:



  • Year 2000 (with reference to the millennium bug).

    ‘Darnell convinces the gang to believe that Y2K will signal the end of the world and they, happily, will be the last people on Earth.’
    • ‘Well, here we are several years after Y2K and we now know, that at midnight, January 1, 2000, very little changed.’
    • ‘I have a friend who is convinced that the Y2K bug is going to kill cars dead in their tracks.’
    • ‘Certain files on your hard drive, such as spreadsheets and databases, may be vulnerable to Y2K problems.’
    • ‘The anxiety about the Y2K situation is reaching an increasingly feverish pitch in most large organizations.’
    • ‘Thus, the main problem of Y2K is the problem of incorrect results when date mathematics are conducted.’