Meaning of yaar in English:


Pronunciation /jɑː/


informal Indian
  • A friendly form of address.

    • ‘chuck me a cigarette, yaar’
    • ‘‘Arré please yaar, why harass an old man?’’
    • ‘‘Highly improbable story, yaar,’ one youth tells his mates as they leave the cinema hall, and I stifle a wry smile.’
    • ‘As Aamir Khan says in Dil Chahta Hai, ‘It's serious, yaar!’’
    • ‘Arrey yaar… you planning to take Mrs. Gupta to the dance or what?’
    • ‘‘Aare… you killed me yaar,’ screamed Tej as his friend and cyber foe, Vinay, finished him with ‘a burst of bullets’ from his ‘machinegun’ in the virtual world of gaming.’
    • ‘Things came to a point where someone would call Music Masala and ask ‘Hey, where's the party, yaar? ‘they would go ‘Party, what party?’’
    man, my friend


Urdu yār ‘friend, companion’ from Persian yār.