Meaning of yabby in English:


(also yabbie)


  • 1Australian A small freshwater crayfish.

    Genus Charax, infraorder Astacidea, in particular the common C. destructor

    • ‘Blackfish can also be great sport in coloured water by using your bream rig and fresh yabbies.’
    • ‘Alberta beef was replaced with squid, crab, crayfish and something fishy called yabbies.’
    • ‘Even bait gathering such as pumping yabbies you require a permit.’
    • ‘Once again it is fresh yabbies that are taking the most fish.’
    • ‘I was taught to swim in the creek, and taught how to fish on the beach, and how to get sandworms, yabbies and pippies, which we used for our bait.’
    • ‘Cherax tenuimanus, a crayfish of W. Australia, related to the yabby, but larger, in fact the third largest crayfish in the world.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for nipper (sense 4)
      ‘The Yabby is a small freshwater crayfish endemic to South Eastern Australia.’
      another term for nipper (sense 4)
      ‘Freshwater yabbies are crayfish of the genus Cherax (infraorder Astacidea, family Parastacidae). They are often caught for food.’


Late 19th century from Wemba-wemba (an Aboriginal language of SE Australia).