Meaning of yabby in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjabi/

nounplural noun yabbies

(also yabbie)
  • 1Australian A small freshwater crayfish.

    Genus Charax, infraorder Astacidea, in particular the common C. destructor

    ‘Blackfish can also be great sport in coloured water by using your bream rig and fresh yabbies.’
    • ‘Alberta beef was replaced with squid, crab, crayfish and something fishy called yabbies.’
    • ‘Even bait gathering such as pumping yabbies you require a permit.’
    • ‘Once again it is fresh yabbies that are taking the most fish.’
    • ‘I was taught to swim in the creek, and taught how to fish on the beach, and how to get sandworms, yabbies and pippies, which we used for our bait.’
    • ‘Cherax tenuimanus, a crayfish of W. Australia, related to the yabby, but larger, in fact the third largest crayfish in the world.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for nipper (sense 4)
      ‘The Yabby is a small freshwater crayfish endemic to South Eastern Australia.’
      • ‘Freshwater yabbies are crayfish of the genus Cherax (infraorder Astacidea, family Parastacidae). They are often caught for food.’


Late 19th century from Wemba-wemba (an Aboriginal language of SE Australia).