Meaning of Yad Vashem in English:

Yad Vashem


(also Yad Va-Shem)
  • In Israel: the official remembrance authority for the Holocaust and its victims. Also: the memorial (a complex of museums, monuments, and education and research centres) to the victims of the Holocaust, established by the authority in 1953 on the Mount of Remembrance in Jerusalem.


Yad Vashem

/ˌjɑːd vɑːˈʃɛm/ /ˌjad ˈvaʃɛm/


1950s; earliest use found in Laws State Israel. From modern Hebrew Yāḏ Wāšēm, lit. ‘a place and a name’ from yāḏ monument, place (in biblical Hebrew lit. ‘hand, arm’) + Hebrew wā- and + šēm name.