Meaning of yaffler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjaflə/


informal Australian
  • (in Tasmania) a person who is very talkative, especially someone who talks nonsense or boasts.

    • ‘they reckon he is a yaffler who talks the talk but can't back it up’
    • ‘He thought he was a yaffler. He supposed he liked him all right, but his endless opinions on everything bored him.’
    • ‘He is a yaffler, but also a dedicated semi professional prospector with a wealth of knowledge and experience.’
    • ‘Maybe I'm a bit of a yaffler anyway but it was all good.’
    • ‘Do we want a poor communicator who works at getting the job done, or a yaffler who speaks constantly but does little?’
    • ‘He was also quite a yaffler so I find it hard to believe he would not speak to his client during a service.’
    • ‘I'm only grateful that you didn't include me in this here group of yafflers.’
    • ‘It was not only the report of that commision that he objected to, but at the way it was treated, and also the manner in which all sorts of "yafflers" came in at the end of it.’
    • ‘Where was the wingman in the VFL who could match the cheeky exuberance of 'Yaffler' Gaby?’


Late 19th century from British dialect yaffle ‘talk fast and meaninglessly’.