Meaning of yagé in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjɑːʒeɪ/


another term for ayahuasca
‘Traditional healers called Taitas from the yagé culture have tried to maintain their indigenous medical practices.’
  • ‘Under the influence of yagé Rick has the unsettling habit of pretending to be an orang-utan.’
  • ‘Although he only took yagé a few times, it is possible to argue that the yagé visions had a much deeper effect on his fiction than his use of heroin.’
  • ‘For the whole night, under the influence of a hallucinogen called yagé, the healer sings his song the power of which is due not to words, lyrics, or poetry.’
  • ‘Harmaline and other harmala alkaloids, principle psychoactive substances in the "magical" beverage yagé, appear throughout the plant world.’


1920s from American Spanish.