Meaning of yakka in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjakə/

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(also yacker)
mass noun informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Work, especially of a strenuous physical kind.

    • ‘it was their hard yakka that built this place’
    • ‘when the yakka is over, the kip begins’
    • ‘Yet for real hard yakka the plight of the servants, valets and other assorted members of staff stands alone.’
    • ‘We do that every day of our lives; it's bloody hard yakka, even if you don't want to do it, it's pushed on you.’
    • ‘Most of the journalistic hard yakka on the subject has been done by the FT and some of the best reporting on it has been in The Economist.’
    • ‘Once upon a time, Labor leaders drove trains or sheared sheep or, at the very least, did a few years' yakka on the factory floor.’
    • ‘And the people who were subjected to hard yakka, slave labour if you want, or removal from islands because of drinking problems or fighting and they have complete hate and they've handed it down generationally.’
    exertion, force, power, energy, work, muscle, application, labour, the sweat of one's brow, striving, endeavour, toil, struggle, slog, strain, stress, trouble, bother


From Yagara (an extinct Aboriginal language of Queensland) yaga ‘to work’.