Meaning of Yakut in English:


nounYakut, Yakuts

  • 1A member of an indigenous people living in scattered settlements in northern Siberia.

    • ‘He told me that he has established 42 parishes but can find only 17 clergy to staff them, only one of whom is a Yakut.’
    • ‘Among the native peoples in other northern regions - the Dene of North America; the Yakuts of Siberia; the Sami of Scandinavia, Finland, and western Russia; and many others - similar sentiments are held.’
    • ‘The Yakuts call him ‘The White Master Creator.’’
  • 2mass noun The Turkic language of the Yakut, which has some 300,000 speakers spread over 2 million square miles.

    ‘In case it's not clear by now, the language is Yakut, spoken in the Republic of Yakutia in the Russian Federation.’


  • Relating to the Yakut or their language.

    • ‘The Yakut corporation, Alrosa, a world leading diamond producer, is one of the largest companies in Russia.’
    • ‘In August 1900 a Yakut tribesman hunting elk along the Berezovka River, in far eastern Siberia, came upon the head and forelimbs of a monstrous creature - its nose the length of a year-old reindeer calf - protruding from the bank.’
    • ‘Among the Siberian Yakut shamans, the initiate dreams of being ripped apart by a giant ‘hook’: ‘The bones are cleaned, the flesh scraped, the body fluids thrown away, and the eyes torn out of their sockets’.’


Via Russian from Yakut.