Meaning of Yalie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjeɪli/

nounplural noun Yalies

informal US
  • A student or graduate of Yale University.

    • ‘his fellow Yalie’
    • ‘I felt like a fish out of butter, a Yalie at a Harvard banquet, a loser in the game of dieting.’
    • ‘Of all the Yalies who regularly attend the senior reunion, Murphy is among the oldest.’
    • ‘It's also a pity that some voters don't discern the Texas-size gap between these two Yalies.’
    • ‘Are we to believe that graduates of Yale are so narrow-minded and selfish that they only want to help Yalies?’
    • ‘Also, on this day in 1968, a starry-eyed Yalie enlisted in the Texas Air National Guard.’
    • ‘He went broke again and was bailed out again by friends of his father; he went broke yet again and was bailed out by some fellow Yalies.’
    • ‘In nominating his fellow Yalie, Bush declared that Goss knows the agency ‘inside and out.’’
    • ‘Way too much Harvard in this article - especially when the current president, his predecessor, and his likely successor are all Yalies.’
    • ‘They are college seniors now, 22, Jenna an English major at the University of Texas in Austin, and Barbara, like her father a Yalie, majoring in humanities.’
    • ‘No wonder so many Yalies protested Mr. Bush's presence on campus, with more than 200 faculty members signing a petition in protest to Bush's receipt of an honorary degree.’
    • ‘Taking into account inflation, GDP growth, and other economic variables, the Yalies predict that the president will garner 58.3 percent of the vote.’
    • ‘Yesterday's good economic news - and the generally good news we've seen over the past 20 years - owes more to innovators like FedEx's Fred Smith than to any of the many fellow Yalies who have sat or will sit in the Oval Office.’
    • ‘‘I'm dating, and Barbara's got a great boyfriend ‘- a fellow Yalie whom she declines to name.’’
    • ‘I picked an interesting year to finally make the pilgrimage - in my case, a ten-minute bus ride followed by a short walk over the Larz Anderson Bridge to Harvard Stadium - that all Yalies must apparently make at least once in their lifetimes.’
    • ‘Sumet called for a U.S. court injunction to stop publication and demanded that Thai Yalies pressure the university - ‘failing which the question of loyalty should be seriously considered.’’
    • ‘Father Nat is a newspaper editor happily married to Essie, doting mother of Arthur, a complacent Yalie; Richard, the high-school grad and authorial alter ego; Mildred, the tomboy; and Tommy, the brat.’
    • ‘These two wealthy Yalies, supporters of the right-wing Manhattan Institute (Gilder is founder and a former chair), have a clear ideological program.’
    • ‘He explained, however, that now ranks law firms by prestige, and almost all of the ‘top ranked’ law firms are in New York, so that's where Yalies go.’
    • ‘But the Brahmins' liabilities of perceived self-righteousness and aloofness are problematic in a nation that has become accustomed to the contrived folksy charms of our last two good-old boy Yalies - Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.’