Meaning of yam stick in English:

yam stick


  • An Aboriginal implement used for lifting crops and digging, consisting of a piece of wood sharpened at both ends.

    ‘little girls are instructed in the use of the yam stick, with which the roots are dug up’
    • ‘He hit old Fred on the head with a yamstick.’
    • ‘She gathered together her possessions including her yamstick and left.’
    • ‘She dug a large hole in the ground, which at once filled with water, in the bottom of which she could feel the mouth of some animal with her yamstick.’
    • ‘Down goes the yam stick, and up comes the potato, which is at once put in to the bag.’
    • ‘The yams should be sunk way down in the ground, so that they could only be obtained by hard digging, with a yamstick.’


Mid 19th century from its use in planting yams, a staple Aboriginal foodstuff.