Meaning of yandy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjandi/

verbverb yandies, verb yandying, verb yandied

[with object]Australian
  • Separate (grass seed or a mineral) from the surrounding refuse by shaking it in a special shallow dish.

    ‘As a child, Tjayanka learnt to carve utilitarian objects such as wana (digging sticks) and kanilpa (basin for collecting and yandying seeds).’
    • ‘At last I try roasting them in the oven in their pods before crushing the lot and yandying, the Aboriginal way of sorting seeds.’
    • ‘The pods were threshed, and the seeds variously winnowed, yandied, parched, pounded, ground, and made into a paste to be baked into cakes.’
    • ‘After then we went to Pilykunkura, yandying for tin.’
    • ‘We had a meeting that we're going to start yandying tin, all that sort of thing.’

nounplural noun yandies

  • A shallow dish used for separating grass seed or a mineral from the surrounding refuse.

    • ‘I have seen Aboriginal people using yandies in the Pilbara district to recover cassiterite though.’


From Yindjibarndi (an Aboriginal language of western Australia).