Meaning of Yangshao in English:


Pronunciation /jaŋˈʃaʊ/


usually as modifier
  • A Neolithic civilization of northern China, dated to c.5000–2700 BC and preceding the Longshan period. It is marked by pottery painted with naturalistic designs of fish and human faces and abstract patterns of triangles, spirals, arcs, and dots.

    ‘The Yangshao site in northern Henan province, China, has provided archaeological evidence of the Chinese Neolithic period.’
    • ‘The pottery signs represented by Yangshao culture have also been found at other places.’
    • ‘For example, the neolithic sites of the Yangshao culture along the midsection of the Yellow River confirm the traditional view that the river basin was the cradle of the Chinese civilization.’
    • ‘The Banpo pottery inscriptions, which belong to the Yangshao culture, were found in 1954.’
    • ‘The Yangshao lived in the mountainous regions of northern and western China. Millet was the main crop of the Yangshao.’


Named after Yang Shao Cun, the first settlement of this period to be excavated (1921).