Meaning of Yank tank in English:

Yank tank


informal mainly Australian, mainly New Zealand
  • A large American car.

    • ‘the big Chrysler does live up to its Yank tank image in at least one respect’
    • ‘He said you don't have to own a big V8 Yank tank—just an interest in them is sufficient.’
    • ‘A turnout of over 60 unlimited bangers, Jags, Granadas, hearses, and Yank tanks took to the road, in three heats with a final and a destruction derby.’
    • ‘Starting off in a European minicar (or a big old Yank tank) and progressing through deliveries to unlock more missions, cars, and other bonuses is the aim of the game.’
    • ‘Forget any notions of wallowing Yank tanks—it's a car in which you really can attack the bends.’
    • ‘Austin had created the first British muscle-car—albeit on a far smaller scale to Yank tanks like the Thunderbird.’
    • ‘The Yank tanks are wider and longer.’
    • ‘If Americans stopped driving huge gas-guzzling Yank tanks, pollution might drop.’
    • ‘The idiot is setting a magnificent precedent by owning and driving a Yank tank.’
    • ‘Admit it, Yank tanks have always been cool despite the current un-Americanization of America.’
    • ‘Does that make it more appealing, or do you prefer a traditional Yank tank?’