Meaning of Yanomami in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjanəˌmɑːmi/

nounplural noun Yanomami

(also Yanomamö)
  • 1A member of a South American people living mainly in the forests of southern Venezuela and northern Brazil.

    ‘Well some Yanomami have said that they don't ever want to see Chagnon in their village again.’
    • ‘On a hunting trip, our Yanomami guides seemed nervous as we reached a sandy area in front of some rocks.’
    • ‘To this end, as Ginsburg notes, his last major project was devoted to teaching the Yanomami to make their own videos.’
    • ‘Albert found the gourds containing the ashes of the murdered Indians, now considered sacred by the Yanomami.’
    • ‘But in far more cases around the world, such as that of the Yanomami, warfare could not be linked to food competition.’
    • ‘Yet it is difficult not to continue reading, and impossible not to shudder, at the indignities inflicted on the hapless Yanomami.’
    • ‘Today the Galamsey of WestAfrica, the Igorot of the Philippines, and the Macuxi and Yanomami of the Amazon are similarly endangered.’
    • ‘The Yanomami, for example, had little contact with the rest of Brazil until the arrival of the first garimnpeiros (gold miners) in the 1970s.’
    • ‘To appreciate how much things have changed, consider how the understanding of one famous ethnographic case has been transformed: that of the Yanomami of Venezuela and Brazil.’
    • ‘But their overall callousness towards the Yanomami in the interests of ‘objectivity’ is repulsive, though sobering, reading.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, past research among the Yanomami was not ethically untainted, particularly in that acts of violence may have been instigated to study the supposedly violent nature of men.’
    • ‘Tierney also describes how Chagnon cooperated with Atomic Energy Commission scientists in the 1960s, carrying out unethical blood tests on the Yanomami for use in radiation studies.’
    • ‘One thing that stands out from our records of the historical North American tribes, the South American tribes such as the Yanomamö, and some African tribes is that being captured was a relatively common event.’
    • ‘In this show of 36 impeccably printed black-and-white pictures, Cruz juxtaposed images of the Yanomami with the dramatic waterfalls of Iguacu on the Argentine-Brazil border.’
    • ‘A large proportion of ‘Darkness in El Dorado’ concerns the scientific practices of the American anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon whose fame arose from his studies of the Yanomami.’
    • ‘In November 1991, the Yanomami got their own park, an area of 9.4 million hectare, after a campaign that lasted more than twenty years.’
    • ‘Missionaries and social scientists accused him of - in the words of Brazilian anthropologist Alcida Ramos - ‘character-assassinating’ the Yanomami.’
  • 2mass noun Either of the two related languages of the Yanomami.

    • ‘It was French anthropologist Bruce Albert, one of the few to speak Yanomami, who provided definitive evidence that 13 Indians had been killed.’


(also Yanomamö)
  • Relating to the Yanomami or their language.

    ‘In this significant book, Jan Rocha tells the story of the brutal massacre of Yanomami Indians in the Amazon rainforest by Brazilian garimpeiros (gold miners).’
    • ‘Patrick Tierney's latest book ‘Darkness in El Dorado’ presents compelling evidence linking the anthropologists and journalists who visited the area to the sudden downfall of Yanomami culture.’
    • ‘Even when not fighting, Yanomami leaders spent much of their time under the influence of hallucinogenic snuff, summoning up blood-curdling spirits to pursue their vendettas by magic.’
    • ‘But detailed examination of Yanomami ecology failed to support Harris's hypothesis.’
    • ‘The fact that he flew in helicopters, you know, with other people and blew the roofs off the Yanomami houses, the fact that he was absolutely determined to get their kinship materials.’
    • ‘It was Chagnon's contention that the Yanomami world revolved around warfare, the purpose of which was to gain access to women.’
    • ‘The film presents several different edited versions of footage showing a violent skirmish in a Yanomami village.’
    • ‘In Chapter Nineteen, Mr. Hemming gives an account of the furore that erupted in 2000, following the venomous accusations regarding two renowned scientists and their research with the Yanomami Indians.’
    • ‘Since 1994, Valdir Cruz has taken photographs of the Yanomami Indians, a native tribe of both northern Brazil and remote regions of Venezuela.’
    • ‘In 1994, I set up camp in Yanomami Indian territory.’


The name in Yanomami, literally ‘people’.