Meaning of yapper in English:



See yap

‘The dog that's in the house was known to be a yapper and did not make any noise.’
  • ‘I served to protect your free speech, so shut your yapper and don't write things I don't like to read!’
  • ‘It is one thing to try to ignore Rush and Fox, pretend they are yappers and you are the ‘real’ media.’
  • ‘So it's wise to keep your yapper shut until you're sure the early success will survive longer than a cab ride across Rhode Island.’
  • ‘Part Rapper, part cigar tapper, and part jaw yapper, Georgie jumps onstage and delivered a so-so performance.’
  • ‘James O Flynn of the Consumers Association of Ireland told a communications committee meeting that we are a nation of yappers and tappers with the highest number of mobile phones per capita in Europe.’