Meaning of yarak in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjarak/


‘Managing our finances this way helps the company remain in yarak, a falconry term derived from Persian and meaning ‘superalert, hungry but not weak, and ready to hunt.’’
  • ‘It was too early, she wasn't hungry, she wasn't in yarak, but I loosed her anyway.’
  • ‘Best passages in The Sword in the Stone are the descriptions of sporting events: a boar hunt in which the master huntsman's dog is cruelly killed, the pursuit of an escaped falcon which is deep in the molt and not in yarak (proper condition for flying).’


    in yarak
    • (of a trained hawk) fit and in a proper condition for hunting.


Mid 19th century perhaps from Persian yārakī ‘strength, ability’ or from Turkish yaraǧ ‘readiness’.