Meaning of yard of ale in English:

yard of ale


  • 1British The amount of beer (typically two to three pints) held by a narrow glass about a yard high.

    ‘For birthdays, no celebration is complete without the downing of the yard of ale.’
    • ‘There is still enough dance space to swing to and enough seating space to sidle up to the off fraulein and offer her a sip of your yard of ale.’
    • ‘The kind of spellbinding tale that goes down well with several yards of ale and of the genre that can often be heard in our local Shenanigans.’
    • ‘He stopped buying yards of ale and invested instead in bottles of nifty Chardonnays, washed down with lemonade.’
    • ‘Anyway after several pints, wine and pain killers all went well and I got home in one piece, which is more than I can say for some of the others as the yard of ale was doing overtime.’
    • ‘We'll be the ones in the snug muttering about when we were lads kids had proper respect for their parents and you could get a yard of ale for tuppence and still have change from a tanner to see George Formby at the Odeon, etc, etc, etc.’
    • ‘The pub, which has already raised £280 for the cause through customers donating change, will host a quiz, pool competition, raffle and yard of ale contest from 8-11 pm.’
    • ‘We'll have a tug-of-war, leg-waxing and, rather than the traditional yard of ale, we'll have people drinking gruesome concoctions.’
    1. 1.1A glass for serving a yard of ale.
      ‘I know that in most pubs offering yards of ale, the trick is to drink the tubular tipple without spilling brew all over oneself, but at that price I was not prepared to experiment, and no-one in the lunchtime crowd seemed tempted either.’
      • ‘A Yard of Ale will typically hold two or three pints of ale, (never lager!).’