Meaning of yardang in English:



  • A sharp irregular ridge of sand lying in the direction of the prevailing wind in exposed desert regions, formed by the wind erosion of adjacent material which is less resistant.

    • ‘Linear erosional features (called yardangs) found in deserts are the result of long-term erosion of wind blowing in a consistent direction.’
    • ‘I stumbled upon a yardang - a rock ridge feature caused by wind and water erosion.’
    • ‘Due to the hard climatic conditions of the yardang region in the Lut Desert, not much information about land surface temperatures of this region, one of the extremely arid cli-matic zones of Iran, has been extracted.’
    • ‘Sculpted landforms, called yardangs, are up to tens of meters high and kilometers long and are forms that have been streamlined by desert winds.’
    • ‘In this image, there is evidence for a period of erosion when winds scoured the surface at nearly right angles to the prominent yardang direction.’
    • ‘A yardang is a fin like structure that points in the direction of the wind.’
    • ‘These hills are then shaped into the typical aerodynamic shape of a yardang, while the troughs separating the yardangs usually have a U-shaped cross section.’
    • ‘The Bronze Age mounds of Sistan, also strongly reduced in their size by aeolian action, rise on the takyr as isolated pillars, not unlike the yardangs around them.’
    • ‘This pic, taken from the S Wadi, conveys the impression that the Sphinx's body was sculpted from the bedrock, in a quarry, and that it wasn't a yardang to start with.’
    • ‘The varying concentration and shape of the yardangs in this area may be controlled by the motion of winds around these topographic features.’
    • ‘The most classic yardang shape is that of the inverted boat hull; each of these streamlined hills provides a near-textbook example.’
    • ‘The remote corridors between the yardangs are used by heroin smugglers on their way from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Turkey; and we had a very difficult time getting permission to travel there.’
    • ‘In 1939, the yardangs in southwestern Egypt were termed ‘mud-lions’ by British explorer Ralph Bagnold.’
    • ‘The Sphinx-shapers may have started with a limestone yardang near the edge of the Giza plateau, El-Baz suggested.’
    • ‘Now that we have some visuals of what a dune, yardang, a loess are we can go into the actual definitions.’
    • ‘Aberrant type of lakebed yardangs on lee side of Ein El ShurfaHill, Kharga Depression, Egypt 96.’
    • ‘Dark intermittent stream channels are likewise visible as they pass across the yardangs on the radar image.’
    • ‘Figure 8-9.- Eolian deflation basin near the Big Dune Trail parking lot, with a yardang in the center.’
    • ‘Five-sided symmetrical ventifacts or yardangs appear to be totally nonexistent on Earth and Mars.’
    • ‘The direction of the yardangs is from southeast to northwest indicating the prevalent wind direction.’


Early 20th century from Turkish, ablative of yar ‘steep bank’.