Meaning of yarn-bomb in English:



[with object]
  • Cover (an object or structure in a public place) with decorative knitted or crocheted material, as a form of street art.

    ‘knitters have yarn-bombed the trees on 175th Street’
    • ‘Right after Danielle and David bought the house, they hired a local artist to yarn-bomb the outside while it was under construction.’
    • ‘The event featured projects such as Knit the Bridge, a community effort to yarn-bomb an Allegheny River span with colorful wool panels.’
    • ‘Her yarn-bombed chair back looks awfully cozy, wrapped in rainbow hues of soft, tufted yarn.’
    • ‘The yarn-bombed rickshaw recently toured New York City, providing free rides to the public.’
    • ‘The whole centre has been yarn-bombed, with bits of knitting scattered around the garden centre and its grounds.’
    • ‘We were at Disney World and someone had yarn-bombed a metal Mickey silhouette on the way in from the parking lot.’
    • ‘The vast locomotive and its carriages were thoroughly yarn-bombed - despite the rainy weather’
    • ‘I would cover the spindles with strips of colorful fabric or yarn-bomb them.’
    • ‘We decided to yarn-bomb a tree to highlight the botanical side of the Zoo.’
    • ‘"We have been planning to yarn-bomb Newcastle for some time," said an anonymous member of SOCK, who wears a woolly mask to disguise her identity.’
    • ‘The group also chose to yarn-bomb the library to highlight its importance "at a time when libraries are suffering cuts and closures".’