Meaning of yarn bombing in English:

yarn bombing


mass noun
  • The action or activity of covering objects or structures in public places with decorative knitted or crotcheted material, as a form of street art.

    Also called guerrilla knitting

    ‘yarn bombing has become increasingly popular as a way to brighten up our surroundings’
    • ‘Neil is now looking for further donations of wool for a Christmas yarn bombing event at Paignton Zoo.’
    • ‘Yarn bombing is a random urban art form.’
    • ‘And we'll have a preview of this month's Art Week, complete with Shayna's crash course in yarn bombing.’
    • ‘From glitter paintings to yarn bombing, Danielle Wright rounds up what's on offer for crafty kids over the holidays’
    • ‘Easily removable, yarn bombing focuses less on making a permanent statement and more on lending a sense of warmth to colder spaces.’
    • ‘Yarn bombing is often a covert, guerrilla affair, with displays popping up unexpectedly and artists hiding their identities.’
    • ‘But how do you take a street art such as yarn bombing and bring it indoors?’
    • ‘In her latest feat, Olek took yarn bombing on a whole new track when she covered an entire locomotive with crochet in just two days.’
    • ‘I thought it would be cool to ask her more about the yarn bombing phenomenon and how it all started for her.’
    • ‘Catrin had heard about urban yarn bombing in England and wanted to do something similar in Pontypridd.’