Meaning of Yates's correction in English:

Yates's correction


  • A correction for the discreteness of the data that is made in the chi-square test when the number of cases in any class is small and there is one degree of freedom.

    • ‘We used the test with Yates's correction to avoid spurious rejection of the null hypothesis when expectations are too small.’
    • ‘We used analyses with Yates's correction for continuity to test the prevalence of clinical and subthreshold eating disorders between the three cities and in the combined samples.’
    • ‘We calculated the risk ratio and 95% confidence interval using EpiInfo and used a test with Yates's correction for the hypothesis test.’
    • ‘Non-attendance rates were expressed as percentage of total appointments (attenders plus non-attenders plus cancellations) and were compared by tests with Yates's correction.’
    • ‘In this case, however, the same allele frequency-dependent pattern was maintained when we considered only interallelic GD shown to be significant by the chi-square test with Yates's correction.’


1930s named after Frank Yates (1902–94), English statistician.


Yates's correction