Meaning of yaupon in English:


(also yaupon holly)


  • A North American holly, the leaves of which have emetic properties and were formerly used as a tea by North American Indians.

    Ilex vomitoria, family Aquifoliaceae

    • ‘Small trees resistant to cotton root rot include Jerusalem thorn, yaupon and wild olive.’
    • ‘Native plants, like wax myrtle varieties of yaupon hollies to name a few, are popular plants for southern gardens.’
    • ‘But even ‘evergreen’ yaupons drop old leaves to make way for new.’
    • ‘Shrubs: chittamwood (a bumelia also called gum-elastic), yaupon, spatulate-leaved hawthorn.’
    • ‘Southerners could, for example, plant a mass of vigorous full-sized yaupon hollies next to the back door, and a cluster of dwarf yaupons (Ilex vomitoria ‘Nana’) at the yard's far edge.’


Early 18th century a North American Indian word.