Meaning of yautia in English:


Pronunciation /jaʊˈtiːə/


  • A tropical American plant of the arum family which is cultivated for its edible tubers.

    Genus Xanthosoma, family Araceae: several species, in particular the tannia

    ‘Species grown mainly for their tubers are: Xanthosoma sagittifolium (yellow yautia), whose small cormels around the central corm are called ‘nut eddos’ in the W. Indies; and X. violaceum (primrose malanga).’
    • ‘One traditional method of preparing this soup calls for large pieces of pumpkin and diced potatoes or yautias (the starchy root of a large-leaved tropical plant whose flesh is usually yellow or creamy white).’
    • ‘Peel the yautia and green plantains.’
    • ‘From America, the tannia or yautia reached West Africa, which is now the major producer.’
    • ‘While the meat is cooking, peel the bananas, yautia, and plantains and put them in salt water.’
    • ‘The root can be milled into flour, since yautia is very hypoallergenic food and also high in calories.’


Late 19th century American Spanish, from Maya yaaj ‘wound, poison’ + té ‘mouth’ with reference to its caustic properties.