Meaning of yawner in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjɔːnə/


  • A thing that is considered extremely boring.

    • ‘the game was a real yawner’
    • ‘Not only did you have the filthy rich people winning it but the race was a yawner.’
    • ‘By contrast, the current slowdown in the U.S. economy might rank as a bit of a yawner.’
    • ‘They're a corporate services firm, which in the grand scheme of things is a real yawner.’
    • ‘Will this game end up being another in a continual line of Monday-night yawners?’
    • ‘As Dinosaur proved, slow-moving animals trying to get to safe land is a yawner, no matter who voices the animals.’
    • ‘It's fun and easy to like or even call ‘great,’ but it could just as easily be a yawner if you caught it on the wrong day.’
    • ‘Now, the G-8 summit in years past, critics would say, was a bit of a yawner.’
    • ‘The offense has been an absolute yawner through two games.’
    • ‘There is plenty of time for our patented 10-point-plan yawner of a stump speech as we move into the next election cycle.’
    • ‘Tracks with yawners like Mack 10, Insane Clown Posse and E40 do nothing to help the album's inevitable downward slide.’
    • ‘What I assumed was a horror thriller quickly became a yawner with endless debates about opening a slimy, frozen alien pod, or not opening a slimy, frozen alien pod.’
    • ‘What may sound like a routine yawner is really a meeting at which nothing less than the future of Europe will be decided - and especially Germany's role in that future.’
    • ‘A second commentary by producer David Foster, however, is a yawner - superfluous, dreary, dull, and offering nothing of interest.’
    • ‘Same with Squeeze, for that matter; they too sailed from the port of Melody and wandered the Sargasso bogs for years, turning out hours of mid-tempo yawners.’
    • ‘It started off as the usual sort of Junior High yawner: police interrupting the Holston Middle School's curriculum to talk about the dangers of drunk driving.’
    • ‘‘What a yawner,’ the guard's eyes were slightly mesmerized by the bright, gray light emanating from the television screens.’
    • ‘But if the headline event was a bit of a yawner, it showed that the global powers-that-be are groping toward better understanding of the developing nations and their concerns about the dangers of globalization.’
    • ‘‘East Coast Angel’ is a yawner, but at least the whole record doesn't fall into the ‘Oh God, is this another REALLY slow song with a piano?’’
    • ‘For many years, ‘boring, boring’ Arsenal were pleased with squeaking out 1-0 yawners over their more adventurous, stylish rivals.’
    • ‘‘The Hives have been playing the same songs for about two and a half centuries! ‘jokes Swedish rocker Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist before launching into a set of brand new garage yawners.’