Significado de year over year en en Inglés

year over year

Pronunciación /ˈjɪər əʊvə ˈjɪə/ /ˈjəːr əʊvə ˈjəː/


  • 1marginal Repeatedly over a number of years; for years without change. Compare "year on year".

  • 2Economía Finanzas
    (chiefly North American). With reference to trends, gradual increases or decreases, etc.: with or in each passing or successive year.

  • 3With reference to figures, financial data, etc.: as compared with the corresponding information from the previous year.


Economía Finanzas
  • (chiefly North American). Relating to or shown by a comparison of corresponding figures from two consecutive years.


Early 19th century; earliest use found in Arthur Aikin (1773–1854), natural scientist and author. From year + over + year.