Meaning of YEC in English:



  • ‘I am not aware of any leading evangelical philosopher who is a convinced YEC.’
    • ‘In his latest book, Ross tries to undermine the YEC teaching of variation within the created kind.’
    • ‘Most of the leaders of the YEC organizations around the world, in fact, have PhDs in science.’
    • ‘The YEC vs. evolution debate is not "science" against the Bible.’
    • ‘It appears that he is accusing YEC of using shallow reasoning without reading some of the best current in-depth YEC literature.’
    • ‘He said that he grew up as a YEC, but really had not studied the issue.’
    • ‘When I say "YEC," I mean the belief in a literal Genesis, six days of creation, roughly 6000 years ago.’
    • ‘He is moving toward a YEC [young earth creationist] position.’
    • ‘There has been some shallow and even incorrect thinking and writing on this subject by YECs as well as by their old-earth Christian and non-Christian critics.’
    • ‘I also wanted to give enough information so the Christians and YECs reading this would understand that I was really one of them.’