Meaning of yech in English:



(also yecch)
  • Expressing aversion or disgust.

    • ‘he drank the stuff, too. Yech!’
    • ‘I worked a day job back then and had to go in the evening, yech!’
    • ‘but that just doesn't carry enough entertainment value to warrant the parade of yech that followed.’
    • ‘If you're a man, it's track and field and swimming, but gymnastics is kind of a ‘yecch’ as far as the male of the species is concerned.’
    • ‘Shutup woman before another one comes along, yech!’
    • ‘If one can call some of this stuff music… yech… Who in their right mind calls themselves ‘Korn’?’
    • ‘Reviewing my list of ickisms - yuck, yecch, bleah, ew and ick - the linguist observes, ‘Negative words having to do with disgust seem to be embodied in the experience of expelling unwanted, possibly poisonous, materials from the mouth.’’



/jɛk/ /jɛx/


1960s imitative; compare with yuck.