Meaning of yechy in English:



(also yecchy)

See yech

‘The color I specified is a light green, maybe a bit yechy for your tastes, but I kinda like it!’
  • ‘For only the second time that I can remember, I had to leave the room as the program was too yecchy for my taste.’
  • ‘It will help keep the bulb healthy longer if you clean off the yecchy outer skin.’
  • ‘Let's all foul our little space around us and make everything yecchy and stinky and disgusting and wretched and dangerous and poisonous and radioactive.’
  • ‘Anyone got a good way to get that yechy taste out of these things?’
  • ‘I feel too yechy to get up but not bad enough to sleep.’
  • ‘The whole dang thing is so gooey and yechy.’
  • ‘‘The average reaction to military food is that it is yecchy,’ he says.’



/ˈjɛki/ /ˈjɛxi/