Meaning of yeet in English:


Pronunciation /jiːt/


  • Expressing a strong emotional reaction, often for humorous effect.

    • ‘It's finally Friday. Yeet!’
    • ‘I have a full blown anxiety attack now, yeet’
    • ‘Don't forget to yell "YEET!" into your microphone before you do so.’
    • ‘A teammate met his call with a jubilant "yeet" from somewhere across the room.’
    • ‘As the right guard headed to his stall, he uttered two words just audible over the hum of a winning locker room: "Yeet, yeet."’
    • ‘We were watching another dude get lit up and Billy was like 'yeet'.’
    • ‘Imagine how fun it would be to just break everything you have and throw it away. Armchair? Desk lamp? Yeet!’
    • ‘When we finalised plans, we were like "okay, yeet".’
    • ‘Then a friend shared it, and from then it just, like, snowballed. So like, yeet.’
    • ‘"Good morning, students, it is testing week and it's time to slay all day," Andrews said. "Yeet!" Miller chimed in.’
    • ‘That was an awesome episode!! I can't believe it yeet!!’
    • ‘I'll see you later, YEET.’


informal with object, with adverbial of direction
  • Throw (something) forcefully in a specified direction.

    • ‘my teacher saw a bug on a tissue box so she yeeted it out the door’
    • ‘I'm gonna yeet myself out the window’
    • ‘My new hero is this dog that yeeted a snake into another dimension.’
    • ‘Never before has there been a more inglorious way to yeet yourself into a telephone pole.’
    • ‘You might want to pair up with a friend so they can protect you while you try to yeet your opponent off the nearest cliff.’
    • ‘He deserves to be yeeted into the sun.’
    • ‘There were concerns he might get killed off or yeeted into the future.’
    • ‘The altitude hover is what allows it to stay airborne once its been yeeted into the stratosphere.’
    • ‘I think we can safely yeet these individuals into the sun or at the very least not allow their presence to continue to go unchecked.’
    • ‘It got to the point where I was grabbing every other thing around it and just yeeting the bits and pieces at the crowbar in the hopes of dislodging it.’
    • ‘He was also unceremoniously yeeted off the edge of some battlements by his brother ’
    • ‘We get to see this harassing freak get yeeted down the stairs by our feminist heroine.’


Early 21st century origin uncertain; popularized by videos on the former social media service Vine.