Meaning of yellow-wort in English:



  • A European plant of the gentian family, with yellow flowers and paired leaves that are joined around the stem, growing in calcareous grassland.

    Blackstonia perfoliata, family Gentianaceae

    • ‘Alongside the orchids other wild flowers such as yellow-wort, sainfoin and stemless thistle grow in abundance.’
    • ‘Species include upright brome, tor-grass, yellow-wort, eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis agg.), carline thistle, common centaury and dandelion.’
    • ‘Wet grasslands and dry heaths occur on areas refilled after sand extraction and now support many wildflowers including marsh helleborine, bee orchids and notable populations of golden dock, yellow bartsia, yellow-wort, lesser centaury and royal fern.’
    • ‘This Surrey Wildlife Trust reserve consists of 6.6 acres of chalk grassland with flowers including small scabious, fairy flax, yellow-wort common rock-rose and autumn gentian.’
    • ‘Flowering plants here include yellow-wort, and bee and pyramidal orchids.’