Meaning of yellow rattle in English:

yellow rattle


  • A partly parasitic yellow-flowered plant whose ripe seeds are shed into a pouch which rattles when shaken, found in both Europe and eastern North America.

    Rhinanthus minor, family Scrophulariaceae

    • ‘Soon the seeds in the inflated seed cases of the yellow rattle will be hard and rattle at a brush.’
    • ‘Gone are many hay meadows containing butterfly attracting field scabious, and yellow rattle whose seed capsules rattle in the wind explains Majella Moloney Teagasc Advisor, Ballina.’
    • ‘Over 103 species of grasses and herbs have been recorded in the meadows including green-winged orchid, common spotted orchid, adder's tongue, pepper-saxifrage, yellow rattle and saw-wort.’
    • ‘Now the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Scotland's leading plant conservation centre, wants gardeners to plant colourful species such as the Scottish primrose, yellow rattle and herb Paris to save them for future generations.’
    • ‘Yellow rattle, Rhinanthus minor, is currently a fashionable plant to grow in a wildlife meadow.’